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How It Works

What is it?

Strolyy is a universal car seat carrier that is the first of its kind. With the ability to collapse like a camping chair, it makes transporting your car seat a breeze. Affordable, portable, compact and lightweight. Lighten up and take a Strolyy!







How does it work?

Simply open Strolyy, set your car seat in the seat opening, latch the safety strap and away you go! Strolyy is so easy to use, you can even open it one-handed! Don’t have two hands available for steering? No problem, just use the handle on the car seat itself as a handlebar for easy one-handed steering.
Because infant car seats have the same basic shape, all they need is a front and back resting place to sit on. This idea came to me after watching parents use upside down high chairs at restaurants to set their car seat on at the table. Such a dangerous and unclean method for holding your little one in their car seat while dining. With Strolyy, those days are over.





Basically, use Strolyy every time you find yourself having to carry the car seat.


 Doctors appointments



At restaurants. Now you have something to carry the car seat into the restaurant for you AND you can use it right at the table. 


Strolyy comes in handy at all the places we find ourselves going as new parents. The Dr’s office, restaurant, shopping mall, bank, post office, airport, daycare, theme parks. When you're at the grocery store, you can use Strolyy to carry the car seat in for you and once you place the car seat in the cart, simply slide Strolyy down below on the bottom of the cart. If you don't have a lot of groceries to get, you can use Strolyy itself as the shopping cart. Basically Strolyy works everywhere - and look at all the space you will save!