The Umbrella Stroller for babies is finally here

Never Carry the Car Seat Again

“I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who wants to avoid carrying the car seat, ever.”
~ Jaime A

“I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who wants to avoid carrying the car seat, ever.”
~ Jaime A


Universal car seat carrier
(64 customer reviews)


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100% no risk money-back guarantee

Product Details


9.4 lbs

Close Dimentions

39L x 9W x 10.75H inch

Open Dimensions

39L x 22.5W x 25H inch


Steel, Polyester, Plastic, Mesh, Velcro

Safety Test

CPSC Approved

No bigger than the car seat itself, Strolyy can fit everywhere, Strolyy is the only car seat carrier with the ability to collapse on all 4 sides like a camping chair making it portable and easy to store. Fits in any vehicle and can even be opened one-handed. It accepts one infant car seat into the carriage frame without having to remove the child from the infant car seat. The car seat can face either direction. A convenient large storage basket is located beneath the seat of the frame allowing parents on the go to never be without their necessities. Safety features include front wheel swivel locks, rear wheel brakes and the safety strap for securing the car seat into the frame. Strolyy accepts ALL brands of infant car seats. Strolyy meets all the requirements under ASTM F833-15 for carriages and strollers.

What makes Strolyy Different ?

most compact carrier on the market

Patented compact fold allows you to leave it in your vehicle at all times. Also great for public transit and ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft.

Lightest carrier on the market

Weighing only 9 lbs reduces risk of injury for healing moms

Open and close it one handed

Because moms don’t always have two hands free

Push or pull it

Open doors for yourself and manuever it anywhere

Huge storage basket

No really, this thing is HUGE !

Car seat can face either direction

No matter the direction the best part is you can always see your baby

Perfect for restaurants

No more upside down high chairs, Strolyy fits the bill

Universal fit

All brands of infant style car seats sit nice and snug in the seat opening, there is zero bobbling or rocking


Continue to use Strolyy for carting all sorts of things around long after baby outgrows their infant car seat


Allow your postpartum body to heal


No need to worry about the heavy lifting


You don’t have to rely on anyone to help you

Strolyy is ready to roll

In Seconds

Simply set the car seat into the opening, strap it and away you go.

It’s like Owen McLaren forgot one major thing when he invented the original umbrella stroller back in 1964. The infant stage!

Now we have an umbrella stroller for our babies during that first year when we need it the most

Stay healthy and feel amazing

We all agree that time is our most valuable asset. Every minute is priceless and cannot be given back. Taking care of our bodies now can promote longer life which ultimately means more time with our babies. Strolyy protects your vulnurable postpartum body by doing the heavy lifting every time.

What the pros have to say

Strolyy is the answer Moms have been waiting for. Women should be doing as little lifting following pregnancy as possible. Supporting the recovery process is crucial in order to avoid a setback or injury. Strolyy carries the car seat for you every time, allowing your body to heal. My new go to baby shower gift.
Dr. Ginger K. Longo MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology

I am constantly seeing new Moms and they complain about the pain and discomfort involved with transporting the car seat. They ask me what’s the answer and I’ve never had one for them until now. Strolyy is the answer.
Dr. Gary Favero DC


Strolyy is an incredibly helpful new tool for Moms following pregnancy. It allows Moms to really enjoy the infant stage without having to worry about carrying a heavy car seat and injuring themselves.

Shellie Sitler - Metallo, RN ILCBC

NICU - The University of Washington

What customers have to say

Strolyy is a lifesaver after my C-section! Thank you!!!
Kaitlin Baker


I LOVE my Strolyy, it’s changed my life! Thank you for not giving up on this! I am way more active and “out and about” with my baby than I thought I’d be because I can just push the carrier rather than carry it.
Haeley Tanner


Strolyy has made a huge difference in our lives. I only pull out my Strolyy to go places and I own a bob, a kolcraft and a snap n go!
Candace Thomas


This Grandma’s life is so much easier because of Strolyy. I put my great- grandson in Strolyy and we go shopping, to church, walking etc. I love love love my Strolyy, thank you!
Joni Barnes


Safety is everything

As a Certified Car Seat Safety Technician Mom of 2, safety is everything. Strolyy® has been tested to meet and conform to all the federal safety standards under ASTM F833-15 for carriages and strollers. Strolyy® is a safe way to transport your baby in their car seat because the car seat always stays at a safe angle. You can also slightly recline the car seat which helps with acid reflux. You can see your baby the entire time they are in Strolyy® which brings caregivers peace of mind and enjoyment.

Never leave children unattended when in their car seats. Most accidents occur when babies are left in their car seats unsupervised for any amount of time. Always make sure they are strapped properly and never place the car seat on a surface it could fall from.

Carrying a car seat is not easy. Add in the fact that most of us just gave birth to another human means our bodies might be sore for a bit. We all have different experiences, different stories. Some of us are told we can’t do any heavy lifting for weeks postpartum.

After becoming a Mom myself, I started noticing other new Moms everywhere carrying these heavy car seats around and struggling. It was like when you buy a new car and now everyone has the same car as you. I become a Mom and find myself struggling with this problem and now I’m seeing others EVERYWHERE with the same problem. I wanted to help.

So I made a commitment back in June of 2015 to solve this problem once and for all.

I knew the solution had to be safe, strong, easy, compact, lightweight, affordable and universal. The very first Strolyy prototype was built by taking the back sides off of 2 collapsible style camping chairs and putting them together. I knew it would have to be no bigger than the car seat itself to work, the car seat had to be elevated, it would need to fold up very small and most importantly, it needed to be EASY. We all need easy.

I have now had the opportunity to use Strolyy® myself with baby #2 for the past 18 months and it has been a complete game changer for this Mom on-the-go.

Please if you struggle with the problem of carrying the car seat, give Strolyy a try, you’ll be glad you did!I love you all!



64 reviews for Strolyy package

  1. Laura A Rager

    I just had a baby in March and absolutely love this product. I tell every new mom they need to have a strolyy. I never carry the carseat anywhere. Best product ever!

  2. Jennie Jeffcoat

    I have a new baby boy and I never leave home without my Strolyy! I recently had to bring baby Jack to a doctors appointment and I would have had to carry the car seat across a busy parking lot and up to the 3rd floor! The Strolyy made the trip so much easier! Everyone in the doctors office wanted to know more about this amazing product and I happily passed along the information! I definitely recommend that every Mom should own a Strolyy! Thank you!

  3. Dana (verified owner)

    Strolyy is the best baby product I have ever bought! My baby is almost 3 months old now and every single time I take it out someone asks about my Strolyy says it’s the coolest thing they’ve seen! I was in a car wreck a year ago and have issues with my neck the Strolyy has saved me. One day I forgot it and I had to carrying the car seat into the store it was terrible my neck hurt for 2 days after that. It’s so easy to get around and tiny to store! I will buy one for every baby shower gift I get!

  4. Alexa (verified owner)

    Wished I had this with my first! This has saved my back and have made my life so much easier with two. It’s small enough to fit right behind my driver’s seat. No more embarrassment trying to fold up my bulky stroller. So fast and easy to get out and ready for my baby and his carrier. I use it every time we leave the house.

  5. Anecia

    Strolyy is a must have for all new moms. I literally use this every single day, I don’t even question getting it out, for me it is as natural as grabbing the diaper bag. The only time I physically carry the car seat is taking it from the house to the truck (which is maybe 20 feet). With my son I had a really nice travel system, however I only used it maybe 5 times, it was just so big and bulky that it wasn’t practical to use. My daughter is only one month old and I have used it every day! I have used this at the doctors office, gas station, grocery store (just fold strolyy up and out on the bottom rack of the cart) restaurant, mechanic, my cousins wedding, friends house, and dentist’s office. My husband thought I was crazy to buy this, however after 2 weeks of seeing how handy this is he even is a believer. I don’t have to remind him to get it out of the truck, it’s the first thing he grabs! If you or someone you know is about to have a baby, this is a must have item. Believe me you won’t regret it!

  6. Dana

    I truly think this would be the perfect thing for me I am 53 years old I am fostering a newborn hoping to adopt him one day I suffer with my neck and my lower back I’ve already had to have surgery on my neck they’re wanting to do another surgery and I am also facing back surgery I am a widow and trying to travel on this journey alone so I am really thinking hard about this purchase I truly think it would be ideal for me strollers these days are just too bulky and very heavy for me even though I think this would be perfect for me I do have to think about it it’s not easy on me taking this journey alone especially when you live on a fixed income my daughter was kind enough to give me a stroller the only thing is it is just a little too heavy don’t get me wrong I appreciate it but with my condition it’s easier for me when I go to the grocery stores to put his car seat on the basket I just think this was an amazing idea and very clever I don’t have one yet but I will say
    Thank you
    I am sure you have made ate a lot of mothers life so much easier.

  7. ~Nana Mona 😊 (verified owner)

    I am so grateful for this product! After major surgery I am limited on the amount of weight I can lift. My Strolyy has given me my freedom back! You can use your Strolyy in many other useful ways too! Without it, I couldn’t independently go grocery shopping, or clothes shopping or even to the wine store. 😊 It allows me to shop without lifting heavy bags in and out of my shopping cart. It’s really easy to overload your shopping bags without even realizing it. If that happens I just simply unload right into my trunk from my Strolyy without lifting more than I’m allowed. My Strolyy has not only given me my freedom to independently care for our infant Grandson, it’s given me my daily everyday independence back as well. Thank You Kasandra for inventing a product that is not only helpful to new Mothers and Fathers, it’s also helpful to Grandparents or anyone who has limitations on the amount of weight they can lift or carry. It’s truly been a life saver for me and my family! 💗

  8. Jalisa

    We love our strolyy so much! I’m smaller so it is great to have something easy to remove from the car! I love that I can also use it at the grocery store! We get so many people asking where we got it from!!!

  9. Reanna

    Strolyy has made my life so much easier when I want to go somewhere with baby alone and with my husband I love the storage below. I have a bonus daughter and two dogs and when I have both kids and both dogs I have no way to get my huge jogging stroller anywhere, strolyy fits on the floor right under the kids feet in the back seat and makes trips alone so simple! Also this is a small business and the owner of the company put an amazing little note when I ordered my strolyy ❤️

  10. Kelly

    I love this thing so much. I had a c-section, and it was a lifesaver to be able to just pop the baby in the stroller quickly. The light weight made it easy for me to get it in and out of the car, and the way it folds up into such a small space made it great for taking it to restaurants and just tucking it under then table when it’s not in use. I recommend it to all my friends, especially those with c-sections or otherwise difficult recoveries.

  11. Brooke turner (verified owner)

    This is so convenient for quick trips and errands you don’t want to take baby out of the car seat for. We got this when my son was 4 months and it’s been a lifesaver for me. I will definitely be keeping this for my next baby. Every parent needs one.

  12. Casey (verified owner)

    Awesome product!! The strolyy is the only product out there that’s so easy to use!! I have used it at the doctors office, Restaurant, and even the grocery store! You won’t be disappointed!

  13. Sara Knauss (verified owner)

    I LOVE my Strolyy! It solves so many issues that I had with transporting my first baby. Now, with my second, I never have to carry the car seat and can do errands without any added stress or difficulty. It’s so light and easy to use. Such a breath of fresh air! You will NOT regret this purchase!!! Thank you Strolyy!

  14. William Stubbs

    I purchased one of these for my cousin who has a 5 month old. I just wanted to say that the customer service was extremely helpful every step of the way. Even though am not technologically savvy and I had to contact them several times and basically ask them to walk me through every step they were more than willing. I probably would have given up if it wasn’t for their help. Thanks Strolyy!

  15. Molly

    I bought this a year ago when I had my son. It is amazing and totally worth every penny! I will never get rid of this thing it’s that great!

  16. Amanda Baker

    Strolyy is the answer to many problems a new mom May face! I wish I had one when my babies were younger! I could have used these at restaurants instead of the unsafe flipped over high chair. The functionality is amazing!

  17. Kylee Jones

    Strolyy was the best baby product I had! I only wish I would’ve had it for the first four kids. I drive an SUV that I couldn’t fit my travel system stroller in when I had all the kids in the car. Strolyy is light weight and easy to use. As a mom of five, who has had EVERY kind of stroller, I highly recommend this one! I have already planned to keep it after baby is out of it to use for other things like picnics, camping, etc. I’m going use it like a wagon but one that is way easier on the back!

  18. Lauren Huntington

    Oh my goodness! What an incredible invention and story. From the moment I learned about Strolyy I knew I would have to have one for my next baby. I WISHED I had one for my first. I am petite and those baby carriers are HEAVY. From one momma to another….get the strolyy & make your life easier, you deserve it and you will be SO GLAD you have it.

  19. Haley Mutcher

    Strolyy is a genius product!! Perfect for any parent or anyone with a little one, including grandparents!! It’s so universal for your every day life! Absolutely love this product and would recommend to everyone!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  20. Tricia Story

    Strolyy is the baby device that you don’t realize you need until you have it and have used it. Once you’ve used it then you realize how much easier on you going out into the world with a baby is. It is then that you realize it’s true value and it becomes the go to for going out and about.

  21. Jaime Andersen

    I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who wants to avoid carrying the car seat, ever. This makes a fabulous baby shower gift! Huge hit every time!

  22. Amanda Davis

    Been in my sights a while, and finally got one!
    Our daughter is due in 3 months, for a scheduled c-section. Having a toddler already, this is gonna be a game change. At the moment, it’s holding boxes of 4T clothes I need to go through for said toddler… multi-function to say the least!

  23. Jessica

    Strolyy is the most innovative and practical solution for new parents, there is no other item on the market that meets as many needs as this product. I only wish I’d had one sooner!!

  24. Nicole K.

    Strolyy is a great product that makes transporting the baby so much easier. No more lugging around bulky car seats and having or having to worry about the huge stroller that takes forever to put up. This is not only lightweight but fold up small! It’s a win win no questions asked!

  25. Shelley Timmons

    A revolutionary design that makes day to day Mom adventures so much easier. When mama is happy, everybody’s happy!

  26. Vanessa

    SUCH a SMART invention!! In the past, I’d wait until my husband was home or save my errand till before/after work…..anytime I didn’t have the baby just to avoid getting that red rash or hicky like sore on my arm from lugging the car seat in and out or hurting my back by lifting it in/out of the shopping cart. With Strolyy, those problems don’t exists and parents can enjoy taking their baby out to run errands while giving them fresh air.

  27. Aaron Stock

    I have to say I am VERY pleased with the strolyy that was purchased for me. It is very easy to use and I really like the fact that it folds up so small and doesn’t take up very much space at all. It’s also very nice not having to use a shopping cart at the store when I go shopping with a small list because I am able to use the extra space provided in the strolyy for my groceries! However the best thing about a strolyy is that I do not have to wake up our little guy by taking him out of his carseat to put him in a stroller! I just wish strolyy was around 16 years ago when my first child was born! All in all strolyy is hands down the most convenient and best stroller money can

  28. Tina W

    This is a fantastic baby product, a Must have for parents, grandparents, babysitters etc…light weight, easy to set up and store !!!! Makes a great gift for a baby shower ❤️

  29. Kathy McHugh

    Perfect baby shower gift!

  30. Kristi B.

    This thing is amazing!!! So lightweight and easy to use. The large bottom compartment is perfect for safely stowing away all the necessities and then some. Truly innovative. My new favorite baby shower gift to give! A must have for expectant or new moms!

  31. Ceana

    Strolyy is the best thing a new parent can add to the must have list!

  32. Hannah Bowen

    This product is amazing for new mom’s I wish it was around when I had kids. It’s affordable lightweight and gets the job done from the doctors to shopping if your a new mom you need a Strolyy!!!

  33. Jake Burbank

    Great product! Easy to use, light weight and built strong. I love how easy it makes packing around the baby compared to those big bulky strollers!

  34. Amy B.

    Such a great product; I wish Strolyy had been around when my kids were little! I am so excited to give this to my brother and sister-in-law to help with my new nephew!!

  35. Kathy Schwab

    Best gift to send new Mom’s! This has been very helpful for my new grandson! They use it everywhere and rave about it. I’ve used it grocery shopping even. We once also used it as a walker for great grandma! Very versatile!

  36. Keelyn M Turgeon

    This invention was created by an individual that has given her whole heart to succeed. It has consumed her life to create something that truly can make a difference is someone’s life. Strolyy is unique, creative, well built and made from the heart. Any new parent would be blessed to have this product. Inventions are created everyday but good ones stand out.

  37. Rochelle Plaster

    I remember how much I dreaded a grocery store trip with my infant due to all the logistics. This light weight must have design is what every family needs!! Sturdy, safety tested and economical. You need one for each car and grandparents!!

  38. Kristin

    Excellent customer service, quick delivery and fantastic concept.

  39. Shan

    Strolyy is amazing for new parents! It is compact and lightweight and can be taken anywhere. You pretty much carry the infant car seat around for one year and it gets heavier and heavier as they grow. This product makes it so you don’t have to carry the car seat at all. Strolyy is such a lifesaver that I’ll be buying it for all my friends and family with new babies!

  40. Chris

    Great product for a dad with a bad back

  41. Kelly

    It really doesn’t get easier than this. I have always been frustrated with strollers and how I can’t ever remember how to collapse them later. Strolyy is so simple and it eliminates the need for complicated strollers. It’s a product that you can tell was created with purpose.

  42. Barbara Witham

    As a grandma of 11 this product is a dream come true. I don’t know how I did it without it while raising my 3 kids. What a brilliant idea this is. So EASY to use and makes life so much easier in so many ways. A perfect gift for new moms and don’t forget one for the grandparents!!

  43. Brenda Satre

    I recommend Strolyy to all my friends. For a great-grandma, it’s lightweight and easy to maneuver when fully loaded with diaper bag, baby carrier and hefty baby boys. Strolyy saved my back and energy on many outings.

  44. Brian Burbank

    Very unique design and intelligent product! I’d be willing to bet anyone who tries out the Strolyy will end up owning one! I was amazed with the durability. Solid product!

  45. John Brautlacht

    I love watching a needed product develop, and grow into it’s own success. Small business is our backbone!

  46. Rachel

    A truly fantastic product for new moms who have enough to worry about without an aching back to boot! This should be on every new mom’s wish list!

  47. Aurora

    Its so light and helpful to go shopping or to the sports park or errands 10/10 recommend for the busy on the go mom’s or just to make your life a little easy instead of carrying the heavy carseat around.

  48. Zachary Pearce

    I’ve seen first hand how convenient and easy to use Strolyy is. It’s amazingly light weight and so practical, I love the fact that you can use it as your own personal grocery cart with or without the car seat. It fits easily in tight spots and turns on a dime. And the fact that you don’t have to use restaurants highchairs when eating out is definitely a bonus! I highly recommend!

  49. WillM

    Great product and easy to use. My wife absolutely loves it. Buying another for our nephew coming in August.

  50. Marissa Swenson

    I have bought Strolyy multiple times for multiple people. Every person I have bought this as a gift for loves it! I still cant wait to have my next child to get one for my self! I also love that if you follow strolyy on Facebook you can see so many different ways to use it!

  51. Liz C

    The stress that Strolyy has eliminated from our lives is priceless. No more lugging the cumbersome car seat, no more wasted trunk space with a huge stroller and now we have a clean, safe place to put the baby in the carseat when we’re out to dinner – no more flipping over the restaurant’s highchair and hoping for the best!
    Strolyy is so easy to use and it fills so many needs. I see us using this even long after the babies are grown. THANK YOU for simplifying our lives!

  52. Nicole Klauss

    This product will make you a hit at baby showers! It’s a great gift for new moms. No more carrying around awkward heavy carseats! Want to surprise a friend with a gift? This is it! Kasandra has worked tirelessly for years to build this product and get it in the hands of new moms.

  53. Meagan catano

    I love this product! It’s so light, and portable. It takes up very little space In the car, and makes it easy to navigate tight spaces with baby in tow. It also has great storage underneath, I use it for my grocery shopping.

  54. Nikki Moeur

    Strolyy is such a game-changer for Moms. As parents, Moms especially we think we can do it all. But why should we? This product gives us a tiny break when we don’t ever get much of one. It’ll save you arm/hip pain from lugging a bulky car seat + baby around. You just pop baby into this and go on your way. It’s tiny – takes up very little space in your car compared to a normal stroller – it’s just awesome for daily errands and whatnot! Love it!

  55. Ashley K.

    Wow! This product is amazing! It’s compact, easy to fold up and makes trips to the store a breeze! Having this around when my first was born would’ve saved me from a lot of arm and back pain 🙂

  56. saimakelbel

    Cant wait to purchase for my future niece or nephew! Have heard so much good about

  57. Emily Jameson

    My jogging stroller had the adaptive part to carry my infant carrier, but it was so huge it took up the WHOLE ENTIRE TRUNK of my compact car! And if we wanted to go on a trip it was a nightmare to try to fit everything in the trunk much less to get the stroller out if we wanted to stop along the way. With Strolyy that logistical nightmare is GONE! GONE!! I love the versatility and convenience of this stroller!

  58. Heather G

    Hands down in my top 5 items for new moms! This makes life so much easier and really gives you the opportunity to heal. Nothing worse than trying to lug the car seat in and out. As a Momma with a bad back, I can’t even begin to tell you what a lifesaver this was! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed and Strolyy is worth every penny!

  59. Dalya Sanchez

    This product is absolutely amazing! By far the most handy and easy to use product, it definitely makes going to the grocery store a breeze. If you haven’t already purchased one for yourself or for a friend/family member I highly recommend you do!☺️

  60. Kari M.

    The Strolyy is the best idea ever! It is what all new moms need! Never carry the carseat again! I struggled so much with my first child after c-section. Wish I had this then! This will be my go-to baby gift for all new mommy’s in my life!

  61. Connie C.

    If your looking for another option other then a stroller. This is for you.

  62. Courtany Jensen

    Such a great invention for mothers ! Hands down a new mom must have!

  63. Teresa

    So easy to use and very compact for storage.

  64. Rachel Spencer

    Strolyy saved my life! I had a C-Section and wasn’t able to lift anything for weeks. Without it, I definitely would have probably injured myself. The more you use it, the more ways you figure out ways to use it to avoid ever lifting the heavy car seat. You will use it so much!
    Thank you!

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